About Me!

Hello one and all!

My name is Kir10669083_10205173972695249_533262225949099514_oklan Moss, but with few exceptions (and to a few exceptional people) I’ve just gone by Kirk. I’m a B.A. in Communications (with a Psychology Minor) from Regent University in VA Beach. I have a strong passion for interpersonal counseling, and I’ve been working for as a Vocational Counselor in Richmond, VA. Most of my time growing up was spent here in Virginia, but I love traveling, and constantly struggle with a powerful combination of being a cozy homebody and a wandering traveler. I love the outdoors and being active in them.

If you have any questions about my works, or me, or just life in general, feel free to connect with me or contact me directly!


My beautiful wife and me in Heidelberg this past December


Few things as picturesque as the Wiesbaden countryside (and my lovely wife)


Flying helicopters over Frankfurt with our awesome German cousin, Leon