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Gender-Based Nonverbal CommunicationBook_icon
An analysis regarding observations of nonverbal communication, and specifically in regards to differences between genders. That’s right, men and women are different!

Panic Disorders – Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research
As a counseling-focused individual, I couldn’t get away without putting in some time towards analyzing some particular aspects of panic disorders. With close friends dealing with this very issue, the study and treatment of Panic Disorders is highly important to me, not just as a counselor or philanthropist, but also as a friend.

Nonverbal Communication in Politics
What better way to analyze nonverbal communication than to look at modern politicians! So much is communicated by politiciancartis and other public figures simply through their body language. To cite a commonly-known fact, when there is distortion between someone’s verbal and nonverbal behaviors, observers are far more likely to trust the nonverbal behavior as being more accurate in portraying the true feelings and thoughts of the speaker.